About Us

We established this website to help users engage in healthier products and to save money at the same time. Our staff loves staying fit and we decided to give this website a chance. Who doesn’t love saving money? As our site and blog matures, we hope to satisfies every visitor that stops by. This is our main priority and hope to keep our main users to keep coming back. We will begin to write blog articles related to health and fitness. Our website wants to focus on health and saving money, so you should expect some great articles very soon. Content will be updated regularly and making sure everything is function okay.

Coupons and deals will also be updated often to keep our users satisfied. We will try out very best to find and publish them once we find out. Some promotions may be promoted for a limited time so keep your eyes out on weekly specials. Our staff has no control over expiration dates or any power for amount of time a promotion is running for. So please keep in mind that it is not our fault. Once we do find out a coupon or deal is expiring, we will try to find an other one to be replaced.

Our content on CodesxCoupons, is 100% owned by us and we would appreciate it if our content wasn’t published without our notice. The staff spends many hours in a day to keep the site running. It wouldn’t be ethical to take our hard work and give us no credit. We encourage our users to read our blog and to share those articles.

Once again, I will try to update our coupon content regularly such as our iHerb coupons for our readers. So make sure you are bookmarking us and keeping in touch. If anyone has any recommendations or comments please feel free to let us know. We are constantly growing and we would appreciate any comments to help benefit us.

If CodesxCoupons.com does post content that we didn’t write, we will cite the content and give credit to the respected owners. Our staff really loves the topic of being healthy and finding a deal. We hope can keep all our readers happy and hopefully saving them some money.

We are not affiliated with any of the retail stores we recommend. If we were then we would note it otherwise. Some companies we promote we may receive a small compensation. It will help us expand our website and maintaining it furthermore. Please bookmark us and let us know how we are doing!

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